Disclosure Regarding Marabella Natural Soaps and Skincare Properties

At Marabella Natural Skincare, we are committed to transparency and ensuring our customers understand the nature of our products and their intended use. Here are some important disclosures regarding the properties of our natural soaps and skincare:

Definition of Soap by the FDA: According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), soap is defined as a product composed primarily of alkali salts of fatty acids (commonly known as "soap" in the industry). The FDA regulates soap differently from other cleansing products. For the FDA, a product marketed as "soap" is intended for cleansing the body, and it does not require approval to be sold or promoted.

Soap-Detergent, Soap-Cosmetic, and Soap-Drug Distinctions: While soap is primarily intended for cleansing the body, there are distinctions between soap-detergent, soap-cosmetic, and soap-drug products. Soap-detergent products may contain synthetic surfactants and are typically formulated for heavy-duty cleaning purposes beyond personal care. Soap-cosmetic products, like those offered by Marabella Natural Skincare, are considered cosmetics by the FDA and are intended for cleansing the body and enhancing the skin's appearance. Soap-drug products, on the other hand, are regulated as drugs by the FDA and are intended to treat or prevent skin conditions or diseases.

Regulation by the FDA: As a manufacturer of natural soaps and skincare products, we adhere to FDA regulations applicable to cosmetics. While our natural soaps are regulated as cosmetics, we do not require FDA approval to promote or sell our products. However, it is our responsibility to ensure that all ingredients used in our products are safe for human consumption and comply with FDA regulations.

Limitations on Health Claims: It's important to note that our products are not regulated drugs, and we cannot claim that they cure or treat any skin disease or condition. While we highlight the benefits of the natural ingredients used in our products, their primary purpose is to clean and provide an elevated skincare experience. We encourage our customers to embrace the natural beauty of our products while understanding their intended use as cosmetics for cleansing and skincare.

Conclusion: At Marabella Natural Skincare, we prioritize the safety and efficacy of our products, ensuring that they meet FDA regulations for cosmetics. We believe in the power of natural ingredients to enhance your skincare routine and provide a luxurious cleansing experience. Thank you for trusting us with your skincare needs, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with high-quality, natural products you can feel confident using.